Viva Las Vegas!

Hey everybody! Well, it’s been a while since I last posted. I guess I lacked the motivation and time, but with everything going on at the moment, I thought it was the perfect excuse to start up my blog again. It’s a good opportunity to vent and reflect on better times, rather than sitting and stewingContinue reading “Viva Las Vegas!”

Goodbye Summer Heat, Hello Autumn!

Well, Autumn is almost upon us – and I myself am more than ready. We had a super hot summer (well, June and July?) and I guess the weather has been pretty steady since but now all I want is to wrap up in jumpers, scarfs, tights, boots.. put candles on at night and snuggleContinue reading “Goodbye Summer Heat, Hello Autumn!”

Leopard print: Yay or nay? And is it here to stay?

There’s a (not so) new trend that’s around at the moment – and that’s Leopard print. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s back in all the shops, all the influencers are wearing it and it’s in all the magazines. Anyone who knew me back in college (10 years ago, sheesh) knewContinue reading “Leopard print: Yay or nay? And is it here to stay?”